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Mini Club


Cesarino Mini Club is a child-friendly space filled with games, building blocks, mats, pencils and paintbrushes, where children can play, learn to be together and have fun.
June through September, 6 days a week, our Nannies will entertain your children (ages 3 and up) during mealtimes (12:30 to 2:30 p.m. and 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.) with wonderful recreational activities.
Not just a space for your children to play then, but a real opportunity to entertain them in a creative and educational way!

  • bricolage
  • working with salt dough
  • painting
  • dancing
  • singing or listening to magnificent fairy tales
  • and much more...

At the table with children

For the well-being of your little ones, we have set up equipment in the dining room such as: floor seats, table seats, chair risers, cutlery, colorful bibs and special menus.

Our menus
  • Cesarino Menu for older children where you will find light and wholesome dishes: want a taste? Auntie Duck's tortelli (the good ones made by our cooks), King Neptune's risotto, and then continue with Tiger's nibbles, or Tenerone's flab...
  • Cesarino Menu Junior, a pediatric menu for toddlers of weaning age, fresh vegetable purees accompanied by cereal flours, white meat smoothies, steamed filleted fish, fresh casatella or ricotta cheese, tasty milkshakes... with the option of eating in advance and in peace.
  • At the front desk you can request toilet reducers, changing tables, side rails, bottle warmers, courtesy night lights, sink risers, and much more...Plus, a trusted pediatrician is always available. We have really thought of everything!
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Just 500 meters from the Caesar Hotel, the Lido di Savio Village awaits you, which has an agreement with the hotel and offers sparkling entertainment that will make your days a real charge of positive energy.
In our hotel, you only get bored if you want to! A vast area of more than 1,500 square meters immersed in the green pine forest that every day from 3:30 p.m. until late at night offers you numerous activities that will make your days on the beach and your evenings unique and unforgettable moments.
By donating a small contribution to the Siae, you can access it thanks to the card made available by the hotel, you will be involved in hours of pure fun for the whole family.